Knowland: Nashville meetings and events rose 38 percent YOY in April

Little size difference in meetings size, attendance between top 25 and secondary markets

Nashville event growth statistics
Nashville saw a 38 percent year-over-year increase meetings and events in April, according to Knowland. Las Vegas experienced a steady 22.8 percent growth, while the industry overall saw a marginal 1.3 percent increase in meeting volume year-over-year.

NASHVILLE RECORDED A 38 percent year-over-year increase in meetings and events in April, according to Knowland. Meanwhile, Las Vegas maintained a steady ascent with a 22.8 percent year-over-year growth. Overall, the industry saw a marginal 1.3 percent year-over-year increase in meeting volume.

Among the top 25 markets, meetings averaged 3,768 square feet, compared to 3,684 square feet in secondary markets, the report said. Average attendance in the top 25 rose slightly to 133, while secondary markets saw an average of 127 attendees.

Top five markets with highest YOY event volume growth

Nashville stood out as a meeting destination in April, leading in growth among the top 25 U.S. markets, the report added. It recorded an average space use of 3,885 square feet with 131 average attendees, largely driven by national associations such as the Association of Physical Plant Administrators.

  • Nashville (up 38 percent): National association, technology, healthcare, financial/banking and charity/non-profit/social services.
  • Las Vegas (up 8 percent): Technology, national association, wedding, healthcare, and training/education.
  • New York (up 2 percent): Education, financial/banking, healthcare, technology and travel.
  • Seattle (up 2 percent):  National association, charity/non-profit/social services, technology, education and consulting.
  • Tampa-St. Petersburg, Fla. (up 1 percent): Wedding, national association, healthcare, financial and manufacturing.

Top five secondary markets by YOY event volume growth

Louisville, Kentucky and Indiana saw a 188 percent rise in event bookings, led by charity/non-profit industries.

The top five growing secondary markets and their leading industries were:

  • Louisville, Kentucky-Indiana (188 percent): Charity/non-profit/social services
  • Maui Island, Hawaii (87.1 percent): Insurance
  • Greensboro-Winston Salem, North Carolina (79.7 percent): Training/education
  • Michigan South (78.5 percent): Charity/non-profit/social services
  • Florida Keys, Florida (72.8 percent): Arts/performing arts

Knowland reported Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida, leading meetings and events growth among the top 25 markets in February with a 20 percent year-over-year increase. Denver and Boston ranked second and third, respectively, with National Associations and Technology groups leading in four of the top five markets.