Survey: Many holiday travelers seeking post-holiday vacation

Travelers seek welcoming and caring places, the survey finds

Approximately 71 percent of travelers want a vacation dedicated to unwinding after family time, according to a recent survey conducted by IHG Hotels & Resorts. Moreover, 55 percent of respondents opting to avoid stays with friends and relatives express a preference for hotels.

APPROXIMATELY 71 PERCENT of travelers seek a separate vacation to unwind after family time, according to a recent survey by IHG Hotels & Resorts. The survey found that many respondents prefer to avoid staying with family during their trips as well.

Among respondents avoiding stays with friends and relatives, 55 percent expressed a preference for hotels. These travelers gravitate towards simple relaxation activities, with 60 percent opting for a nap, 46 percent preferring a jacuzzi and 42 percent considering a spa day.

“The holidays often go hand-in-hand with traveling to see loved ones, but as much as we enjoy visiting friends and family, it can leave us feeling drained,” said Connor Smith, IHG’s vice president of masterbrand strategy. “When that happens, people want to relax and be taken care of, enjoy a free breakfast from Holiday Inn Express, or have a glass of wine at Kimpton’s social hour without worrying about cleaning their room in the morning.”

In the survey conducted among 2,000 U.S. holiday travelers by IHG in collaboration with OnePoll, IHG Hotels & Resorts said that 55 percent of respondents opting to avoid stays with friends and relatives prefer hotels. The primary reasons cited include the need for personal space (34 percent), the opportunity to relax and be cared for (34 percent), a desire for quiet time (32 percent), the freedom to be themselves (29 percent) and avoiding post-meal clean-up (27 percent).

The IHG survey revealed a clear traveler preference: 86 percent seek a quiet, clean environment for relaxation, while 83 percent desire a space for personal recharge. It underscored that travelers prioritize a journey on their own terms, seeking places that offer a sense of welcome and care. A majority of respondents, 69 percent, prefer accommodations adorned with festive decorations when traveling.

Top 10 reasons travelers are choosing hotels this holiday season include:

  • More personal space: 34 percent
  • Relaxation and care: 34 percent
  • Enjoy quiet time: 32 percent
  • Be authentic: 29 percent
  • Avoid meal clean-up: 27 percent
  • Improve sleep quality: 27 percent
  • Skip bed-making and chores: 25 percent
  • Indulge in room service and bed dining: 24 percent
  • Access to additional amenities: 24 percent
  • Extra space for family and companions: 23 percent

“Staying at a hotel over the holidays gives travelers the opportunity to recharge and rejoin the holiday festivities on their own terms,” Smith added. “When travelers are ready for a break during or after the holiday season, they can show up as themselves and leave the rest to us.”

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