Survey: Americans have new requirements for travel

It’s safety first as travelers avoid crowds and inside attractions

While 63 percent of Americans are choosing not to travel because they are afraid to contract coronavirus, many would hit the road again if certain safety conditions are met, according to a survey from travel agency GetYourGuide.

AMERICANS ARE WILLING to travel during this summer of the COVID-19 pandemic, but with stipulations, according to a survey from travel agency GetYourGuide. Crowded venues involving a lot of indoor activities, such as theme parks and museums, are out in favor of outdoor activities and walking tours.

And driving is the preferred method of transportation, according to the Summer Travel Survey.

The primary questions were if the respondents planned to travel, when they would and what factors they would consider before deciding to take a trip. Some of the major reasons people are afraid to travel are:

  • Fear of catching the coronavirus – 63 percent are (more than any other country surveyed)
  • Getting stuck or quarantined in another state or country – 53 percent
  • Uncertain about what is open – 45 percent
  • Uncertain about government regulations in each destination – 35 percent
  • Afraid of losing money if they need to cancel – 33 percent

Most respondents said they would prefer to stay in a friend or relative’s house when they travel, and more than 60 percent said they would take precautions when traveling, such as wearing masks and social distancing. Preferred destinations include outdoor attractions over indoor ones.

When asked what conditions would encourage them to travel again, 55 percent said the release of a vaccine against COVID-19; 48 percent said a drop in infections; 43 percent said the desire to see friends and family; and 40 percent said travel deals would lure them out. The travelers also would prioritize the hygiene standards of tours, trips that avoid crowds, cancellation flexibility and smaller group tours.

The survey also found that 40 percent of respondents are considered Eager Travelers, or those who plan to travel within the next one to six months, and 56.9 percent of that group are over the age of 45.

“Even as lockdowns across America and around the world ground leisure travel to a halt, our research showed that the world never stopped dreaming about travel,” said Emil Martinsek, Chief Marketing Officer at GetYourGuide. “Now, as travelers take their first cautious steps out into the world, it’s clear that the flexibility to change or cancel plans is their top priority. That’s why we’ve revamped our cancellation policy to give travelers one less thing to worry about.

Previously, travel data company Arrivalist forecast that more than 36 million people will travel in the U.S. over July 4 weekend.