G6 Hospitality survey finds Americans are eager to travel

Many are scrolling through the internet looking for inspiration for travel plans they missed in 2020

In a new survey from Motel 6, a G6 Hospitality brand, found that more Americans are planning to travel this year. Many of them have spent nearly 200 hours scrolling through the internet for inspiration in their travel plans.

AMERICANS ARE ENTHUSIASTIC about traveling this year as hopes are high that the pandemic is nearly over, according to a new survey commissioned by Motel 6, a G6 Hospitality brand. Most of them also are searching social media for travel ideas.

The survey of 2,000 U.S. adults found that the average American spends 176 hours on social media searching for inspiration for their next trip. For 60 percent, they are driven by having had a stronger desire to travel over the past 12 months of COVID—19 than in previous, regular years.

“We are starting to see a great deal of enthusiasm for returning to travel, and as the survey results demonstrate, travelers have been dreaming about and planning for that day for some time, no doubt a welcome distraction throughout the health crisis,” said Rob Palleschi, CEO of G6 Hospitality. “When travelers are ready to hit the road again, we’re here to help them do so safely.”

Three-quarters of survey respondents said they weren’t able to travel as much as they had hoped during 2020 and it’s been almost seven months since the average respondent last traveled for fun. Also, another 69 percent have one or more trips tentatively planned for 2021 and 56 percent said they’re more likely to take a road trip this year.

There are certain factors reported by survey respondents that would make them feel safer about traveling. For example, 49 percent said receiving a COVID-19 vaccine would help, and 38 percent said they would feel safer staying somewhere with high cleaning standards.

“In the early days of the crisis, we launched Clean@6, an initiative aimed at enhancing cleaning and sanitation, physical, and social distancing and safe behavioral practices for everyone,” said Palleschi. “Travel looks different now, so we continue to evolve and are doing everything we can to help travelers feel safe and confident the next time they walk through our doors.”

Other findings of the survey include:

58 percent of respondents stated that they’re worried about staying with family or friends due to the ongoing health crisis.

49 percent are more likely to stay at a hotel if traveling this year.

45 percent would feel safer with requirements to wear masks in public areas.

38 percent feel safer knowing about enhanced cleaning services.

37 percent feel capacity limitations make them safer.

Other surveys, such as one in February from consulting firm Deloitte, found that consumers are increasingly optimistic about the safety of travel this year.