California’s 24Seven Hotels picks Shiny for digital tipping

The partnership covers premium, select-service and lifestyle hotels across the western U.S.

24Seven Hotels California
24Seven Hotels has partnered with digital tipping platform Shiny to enhance services for more than 450 associates comprising its 30-hotel portfolio, across various departments including housekeeping.

24SEVEN HOTELS, A California-based third-party hotel management company, has partnered with the digital tipping platform Shiny to improve services for over 450 associates across its 30-hotel portfolio. David Wani is the founder and CEO of 24Seven Hotels.

This partnership will include 24Seven’s premium-branded, select-service, and lifestyle hotel segments throughout the western U.S., with implementation across various hotel departments, including housekeeping, the companies said in a joint statement.

“With one of the tightest labor markets in industry history and ever-rising costs, it has become increasingly important for us to recognize the efforts put forth by our associates,” said Wani. “We believe that by consistently rejecting the status quo and insisting that we can always improve and innovate, we conquer complacency—and ultimately improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our operation. Along with our Daily Pay program, this is another example of the additional efforts we take to ensure our employees are among the most satisfied in the industry.”

Shiny, based in Austin, eliminates cash transactions, ensuring that housekeepers and other hotel associates, often overlooked in tipping, can receive gratuities, the statement said. The company provides a data-driven platform that automates tip matching and offers analysis for more productive operations. Using AI, Shiny prompts guests for positive reviews. Associates using Shiny earn extra $3 to $10 hourly, based on brand sector and existing portfolio results.

“While the additional financial incentive obviously speaks for itself, we have found that most associates are equally motivated by the kind words and positive reviews left by satisfied guests,” said Rebecca Robinson, Shiny’s cofounder. “Hotel associates, from housekeeping to front desk, often are unsung heroes, there to provide that extra spark of hospitality to travelers. Shiny allows guests to show just how much those acts mean to them.”

In August, Shiny’s study revealed that guests tip hotel associates most on Sundays, with Tuesdays showing the least activity. Loyalty program members are twice as likely to tip compared to non-members, and departments including housekeeping, valet, dining, lounge, and front desk receive an average of $10.60 in tips.