Survey: Boston most expensive U.S. city for hotel stays

The least expensive double room averaged $167 in all 50 cities surveyed

Boston ranks as the priciest U.S. city for hotel stays, averaging $303 for the most affordable double room, according to a new survey by Cheaphotels. Pictured is the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel, a luxury hotel on Copley Square in downtown Boston.

BOSTON IS THE most expensive city for hotel accommodations in the U.S., according to a recent survey by Portland was the cheapest city, the survey has found.

The survey compared hotel rates across 50 U.S. destinations in October, which is typically the month with the highest hotel prices in most American cities. It specifically focused on hotels with a 3-star rating or higher, located in central areas, Cheaphotels said in a statement.

Boston took the lead as the priciest city, with an average rate of $303 for the most affordable double room, the survey said. Following closely were New York City and Austin, with rates of $288 and $257, respectively. Cleveland claimed the fourth spot, with an average rate of $234 for the least expensive room. Notably, hotel rates in Ohio’s second-largest city have surged by 25 percent compared to 2022.

The 10 most expensive city destinations in the U.S. for hotel stays are:

  1. Boston $303
  2. New York City $288
  3. Austin $257
  4. Cleveland $234
  5. Albuquerque $233
  6. Nashville $216
  7. Sacramento $212
  8. Detroit $205
  9. Raleigh $205
  10. Denver $198

Compared to last year, Boston’s hotel rates have risen by approximately 15 percent, and in NYC, rates have increased by 20 percent,” the statement said. “The most significant surge was seen in Cleveland and Las Vegas, both up by around 25 percent. The opening of The Sphere, a new $2 billion entertainment complex, likely contributed to the rise in Las Vegas rates, which remain relatively affordable at an average of $137 per night.”

On the flip side, hotel rates have plummeted by nearly 30 percent in San Diego and Saint Louis, the survey added. Meanwhile, with an average rate of $102 per night, Portland emerged as the most budget-friendly destination, experiencing a 14 percent drop compared to October 2022 in Oregon’s largest city.

Across all 50 cities analyzed in the survey, the average rate for the least expensive double room came out to be $167 per night, which is nearly identical to last year’s figure of $168.

Rates are significantly more affordable in Washington DC, where you can find a room from $174 per night. Los Angeles ranks as the 14th most expensive city in the U.S. at $185 per night.

According to a recent poll by the American Hotel & Lodging Association, more than 70 percent of Americans would reconsider booking a Los Angeles hotel room if homeless individuals were accommodated alongside paying guests. In March 2024, Los Angeles residents will vote on a proposed ballot initiative by the hotel workers union Unite Here, which mandates hotels to provide housing for homeless individuals.