STR: Week-to-week increases return in July’s second week

Now 13 of past 14 weeks have seen increases in occupancy, RevPAR

U.S. hotel occupancy ended at 47.5 percent for the week ending July 18, up from 45.9 percent the previous week but down 38.9 percent from the year before, according to STR.

THE WEEK ENDING July 18 saw the return of a week-to-week increases for U.S. hotel after setbacks following surges in COVID-19 cases. It makes the 13th week of such increases.

Occupancy for the week ended at 47.5 percent, up from 45.9 percent the previous week but down 38.9 percent from the year before. ADR also rose, from $97.33 to $98.56, still down 28 percent from the previous year, and RevPAR rose to $46.87 from $44.67, down 56 percent year-over-year.

“U.S. occupancy has risen week over week for 13 of the last 14 weeks, although growth in demand (room nights sold) has slowed recently,” STR said.

Total occupancy for STR’s top 25 markets was lower, averaging 40.3 percent with ADR at $97.16

Norfolk/Virginia Beach, Virginia, was once again the only one of the markets to rise above 60 percent occupancy, reaching 64.5 percent, an increase from 60.4 percent the previous week. Detroit and Atlanta repeated their performances as well, being the only markets to pass 50 percent occupancy with 53.1 percent and 50.6 percent respectively.

With occupancy at 22 percent, Oahu Island, Hawaii, 22 percent continued to hold the lowest occupancy, followed by Miami/Hialeah, Florida at 30.1 percent and Orlando, Florida at 30.1 percent.

New York’s occupancy was 35.9 percent, down from 37 percent the week prior, and In Seattle’s was 34.2 percent, up from 32.4 percent the previous week.