STR: Occupancy continues to sink in week ending Nov. 14

Only one market, Phoenix, rose above 50 percent occupancy

Occupancy for the week ending Nov. 14 was 43.2 percent, a 32.7 percent decline from last year, according to STR.

U.S. HOTEL PERFORMANCE continued to slip during the week ending Nov. 14, according to STR. Occupancy has declined three weeks in a row.

Occupancy for the most recent week was 43.2 percent, a 32.7 percent decline from last year.

“After ranging between 48 percent and 50 percent occupancy from mid-July into the later portion of October, the last three weeks have produced levels of 44.4 percent, 44.2 percent [the week of Nov. 7] and 43.2 percent,” STR said.

ADR for the week of Nov. 14 was $90.58, down from $91.40 the previous week and down 28.6 percent from last year. RevPAR was $39.11 compared to $40.36 the previous week and a 52 percent decline from last year.

The top 25 markets for STR saw lower occupancy than the average, 39.7 percent, and ADR was once again higher than the average at $96.31. This week, however, Phoenix was the only top market to exceed 50 percent occupancy with 52.7 percent.

Oahu Island, Hawaii, maintained its low position among the market with 24 percent occupancy, followed by Chicago with 29.3 percent.