Some of the top tourist attractions in the Amritsar city


The city of Amritsar can be termed as the pride of Punjab as well as India because of the religious relevance and famous tourist spots provided by this particular city. This city is very much famous for food items as well as history across the globe. So, whenever any of the individual plans a trip to the city of Amritsar they must go with the option of Visiting the below mention tourist attraction places:

-Golden Temple: This is one of the most important as well as highly regarded spiritual places in the nation of India and is most commonly also known as Sri Harimandir Sahib. The golden temple is very well located in the exact centre of the city and it is very easily reachable by the people. It attracts a great number of visitors each day and all the people from all the religions visit this particular place with complete faith.

-Wagah border: This particular border is located at a distance of near about 22 km from Lahore and approximately 25 km from the main city. This is the region which marks the boundaries between India and Pakistan borders and runs across the grand trunk road. Every day a border ceremony is held over there which is the prime attraction of this particular place and makes it very much popular among the people. The soldiers from both the nations meet at this particular border and they engage themselves into approximately 30 minutes disciplinary military parade and showmanship.

-Jallianwala Bagh: This particular place is also was great historical relevance at the time of India’s struggle for independence. Now it can be termed as the Public Garden which was very well established by the government of India in the year 1951 to commemorate the horrible massacre of peaceful celebrations by the British forces in the year 1919.

-Hall Bazaar Amritsar: This particular place offers everything ranging from electronic items, ornaments, books, handicraft and several other things. This particular place is famous for the Mughal Style architectural gate which is complete with a giant clock and has the caption Amritsar- sifti da ghar.

-Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum: There was a summer palace in Amritsar city which has been turned into a museum and is known as maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum. It is a very lovely building which includes the royal heritage of Maharaja Ranjit Singh along with outstanding and amazing paintings as well as old coins and manuscripts.

-Partition Museum: The partition Museum is the very first museum in the entire globe which focuses on the trauma and stories of the millions of people who had to suffer several kinds of consequences because of the partition. This particular place has been recently opened up in the town hall at Amritsar.

-Gobind Garh Fort: The Gobind Garh Fort is based upon great stories of Punjab’s past and this is a great symbol of the time when Punjab was forged. It represents the glorious past of approximately more than 250 years which ranges from the Bhangi Misl era and ends with the Indian Army.

-Durgiana Temple: Durgiana temple is also termed as the Lakshmi Narayan temple of the silver temple. This is a very important place of worshipping for the Hindus and has a very stark and sharp resemblance to the holy Golden Temple.

–Harike wetland: This particular place also has the bird century and is one of the largest wetlands in north India. This is man-made and spreads into the Tarn Taran Sahib, Kapurthala and Ferozpur region in Punjab which makes it very much popular among the bird lovers and nature enthusiasts. Tourist can find approximately seven species of turtles in this particular area including the endangered ones. The Indus dolphin which is now extinct was also recently witnessed at this particular place.

 – Shri Ram Tirath Temple: This particular temple is the birthplace of Luv-Kush who was twin children of Rama and Sita. It is built in yellow stone and has great relevance since the time of Ramayana. Sita was also given shelter at this particular place when she was abandoned by Lord Rama and the place holds great relevance in Indian history.

– Mata Lal Devi Temple: Mata Lal Devi Temple is also very well known as the Sheesh Mahal of Amritsar and this is a very famous place among the Hindu problems. This particular temple is dedicated to Lal Devi and is also considering a miniature version of the popular Vaishnodevi Temple in Jammu.

-Punjab State war heroes Memorial and Museum: This particular place showcases several kinds of brave hearts of Punjab and is the best possible place of immortal praising the bravery of the Punjab soldiers. The bravery of soldiers in Punjab is also displayed through the resume with a great spirit of patriotism at this particular place.

-Bathinda fort: The Bathinda fort is also a very important place in the city of Amritsar. This particular place has been visited by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji and Guru Gobind Singh Ji which is the main reason it is very much popular among the people and has great religion-based relevance.

-Sun city: This is the amusement park which is located on the Batala Road Amritsar and is one of the most popular and visited parks in the city of Amritsar. It includes several kinds of water rides, regular rides, ruler posters and several other rights for the people who make it the perfect hangout destination among the adults as well as kids.

-ISKCON Temple: The ISKCON temple is also known as the Shri Gaur Radha Krishna Mandir. This particular place includes several deities but Radha Krishna is the most prominent here. The tiny shop is also there which sells several kinds of statues of lords along with religious books and other related merchandise.

-Rainbow resorts water park: This is another amusement park which is located on the Attari border Road and offers multi-activities to the people. It is approximately spent over 9 acres of land and provides various facilities to the people which is the main reason it is highly attractive for the adults as well as children.

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