Sinha is diversity manager at Greystone

Previously she was a senior talent manager at Occidental Petroleum

Pranika Uppal Sinha

Pranika Uppal Sinha is now diversity, equity, and inclusion managing director at Greystone commercial real estate finance company. Previously, she was senior manager for talent development and inclusion at Occidental Petroleum Corp in Houston, Texas.

Prior to Occidental, Sinha held talent development and diversity-focused roles at Memorial Hermann Healthcare System in Houston and 21st Century Consulting, Inc. in Chicago. She is the first to hold her new position as diversity manager at Greystone.

“Greystone has taken the important first steps in improving DEI across its workforce over the past year, but there is more work to be done,” said Ms. Sinha. “I believe the foundation was always there, as the company’s culture is undoubtedly based on love and caring, and together we will bring out the best in opportunities and experiences for all current and prospective Greystone employees.”

“I am the first to admit we need help in being the most inclusive we can be, by helping to put programs in place, ensuring continued training and awareness, and keeping the leadership accountable for the goals we set today,” said Steve Rosenberg, Greystone CEO and founder.

In January, Aly-khan S. Merali became president and managing partner of Stonebridge Cos. in Denver. Founder Navin Dimond remains CEO and will assume chairman duties for the company.