Padariya is OYO’s chief information security officer

Previously he was with online payment solutions provider PayU

Prakash Padariya
Prakash Padariya (Photo: Twitter)

Prakash Padariya is now chief information security officer for IT and security teams at OYO. Prior to that, he was with Netherlands headquartered online payment solutions provider PayU in a similar role.

Previously, Padariya worked in senior management roles for a variety of companies, including GE, Royal Bank of Scotland, IBM, Target Corporation and Accenture, according to the company. He will oversee OYO’s security strategy globally and will report to chief technology officer Ankit Mathuria.

According to the company, Padariya also will be responsible for leveraging technologies such as big data analytics and artificial intelligence to enhance cyber security functions from the ground.

He has more than 19 years of experience across geographies in corporate security consulting, cyber security and cyber warfare.

“OYO’s data privacy and security are at the core of how we build technology. And for this reason, we believe in working with industry experts who can best lead the company’s cyber
security functions with the help of artificial intelligence and big data analytics. I welcome Prakash to the OYO team and look forward to collaborating with him to strengthen OYO’s
cybersecurity strategy, and architecture,” said Mathuria.

Padariya said he was “super excited” to join OYO.

“I am honored to be a part of this team and can’t wait to start developing solutions to enhance the maturity of all of OYO’s products to the next level of security and privacy,” he said.

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