Knowland unveils tool for hotels with limited meeting space

The product's general market release is scheduled for later this summer

Knowland Select for hotels
Knowland recently launched Knowland Select for hotels with limited meeting space, where subscribers receive a curated list of target accounts for upcoming need periods in their inbox.

KNOWLAND RECENTLY LAUNCHED Knowland Select, a tool designed for hotels with limited meeting space. Knowland Select subscribers will receive a curated list of target accounts for upcoming need periods directly to the seller’s inbox. The general market release of the product is scheduled for later this summer, Knowland said in a statement.

“Knowland Select empowers limited service hotels, hardest hit by the recent travel slowdown, with automated prospecting,” said Jeff Bzdawka, Knowland’s CEO. “It streamlines prospecting for the segment’s diverse hotel teams by directly delivering qualified accounts and contacts to the seller’s inbox, boosting productivity and group business growth. Importantly, Knowland Select expands our suite of platform offerings to provide valuable sales intelligence solutions for all hotel sizes and chain scales in a portfolio. And with its accessible price point, it lowers the barrier to entry for automated prospecting at scale and helps hotels unlock a clear return on investment.”

Knowland Select aids sales personnel’s ability to prospect efficiently and achieve higher performance, the statement said. Alerts deliver account intelligence to automate prospecting, enabling operators to capture more business in a competitive market.

An account summary details booking behaviors, such as market or brand preferences and activity levels in specific months, with indicators for multi-day events, Knowland said. Each account links to additional details in Knowland Select, including account summaries, market insights, top booked brands and active event months.

Hotel operators will receive a report via email listing up to 250 accounts with smaller event bookings, reflecting data from the previous year’s quarter ahead, the statement said. A weekly new account alert notifies leaders of new and emerging business in their market and identifies accounts that haven’t visited their submarket in five or more years.

In May, Knowland integrated a sub-market filter into its search and dashboard functions, enhancing its market snapshot and new-to-market capabilities by allowing precise filtering at the sub-market level within larger markets, identifying localized opportunities.