BWH Hotels deploying EV charging stations across North American properties

The stations charge various North American electric vehicles

BWH Hotels deploying EV charging stations
BWH Hotels is collaborating with Tesla to introduce EV charging stations at its North American properties. The installation of Tesla's Universal Wall Connectors at selected hotels will begin in 2024, with international expansion plans.

BWH HOTELS HAS partnered with Tesla to introduce electric vehicle charging stations at its North American properties, with plans for international expansion. The installation of Tesla’s Universal Wall Connectors at selected hotels will begin in 2024. The charging stations are designed to charge a variety of North American EV models, BWH Hotels said in a statement.

“This collaboration with Tesla underscores BWH Hotels’ unwavering commitment to sustainability and dedication to delivering exceptional guest experiences,” said Michael Morton, vice president for brand management and member services, BWH Hotels. “As the hospitality industry evolves, we will continue to blend eco-conscious initiatives with the service, value and comfort that guests expect from BWH Hotels.”

EV charging stations are an attractive amenity for travelers with electric vehicles, the statement said. In line with its Earth, People, and Community initiative, BWH Hotels collaborates with hoteliers to broaden sustainability efforts by installing EV charging stations across the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

BWH Hotels says it aims to adopt environmentally friendly practices, celebrating diversity, and contributing to those in need, the statement added. The company supports hotels in enhancing environmental protection, reducing carbon footprints, and conserving energy and water.

Travelers can filter BWH Hotels’ website to display results featuring Tesla EV charging stations, in addition to properties with existing EV charging stations, before booking or traveling to the property.

BWH Hotel Group recently partnered with the sustainability certification organization Green Key Global to establish a standardized program across the U.S. and Canada. The aim is to improve the company’s environmental practices, minimize its carbon footprint, and enhance guest comfort and satisfaction.