Schlick is new COO, Lombardo CFO at LTD Hospitality Group

Schlick was LTD’s senior vice president of sales

Kimberly Schlick , Alexander Lombardo

Kimberly Schlick is now chief operating officer for Virginia Beach-based LTD Hospitality Group. Alexander Lombardo is the company’s new chief financial officer.

Schlick most recently served as LTD’s senior vice president of sales.

“This is the first time in the 37-year history of LTD that a new corporate-level position has been created,” said Neel Desai, LTD Hospitality’s managing principal. “We are very proud to have Kimberly, who has been a dynamic part of the LTD family for over two decades, assume this vital leadership role.”

Lombardo’s past roles include CFO and head of development for Two Bit Circus and senior vice president of development and treasurer for Great Wolf Resorts.

“We are eager for Alex and Kimberly’s new and unique approach to increase the value of our existing portfolio and provide strategies for growth,” said Malay Thakkar, LTD’s managing principal.