Guided Tour In San Francisco For The First Time Travelers


The good old city of San Francisco is ever so modern and known as the commercial hub of Northern California. This city has long been a holiday destination for sightseers and commercial tourists for the last few decades. A city with a long and beautiful success story of triumphing amidst adversity, inspirational sports stories, and a rise in the American economic folklore. This city has been on the rise with a simple mantra ‘if anything is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.’ Hence visiting sweet old San Francisco is no different. Please sit back, and let’s go on a trip to San Francisco and check out the star attractions of this culturally rich city.

Let’s check out a couple of attractions:

The Ferry Building

Long seen as the star attraction in the second city of stars, the ferry building has been offering first-time travelers a cordial experience for the past few decades. It has evolved from a small ferry boarding spot to a cultural masterpiece complete with resident inns, a few restaurants, and resident tour guides. The ferry building is a must-see for first-time travelers and is located at the foot of Market Street. You can take a cab from the airport and arrive at the ferry building for a few minutes. One of the best features of this fantastic site is that it is a super big store where travelers can pick up unique American artifacts for their loved ones at home, and that cranky boss in the office gives them such a difficult time.

AT&T Park

Sports have always been a staple in American culture, and there is nothing a city celebrates more than a national championship, be it at the college level, high school grade or even a world championship, a victory for the city is a victory for the streets. It is thus no surprise that the city of San Francisco turned the AT&T Park which is the home of the 2012 World Series Champion San Francisco Giants into a fantastic tourist attraction. This is a must-see for tourists and sports fans alike as it has the best seats, ambiance, view, and let’s not forget the splendid bar and food joint adjacent to the stadium. Football fans and locals have made AT&T Park a true sight to see. As a first time traveler to San Francisco, you cannot afford to miss such an eye-opening sporty experience.

Twin Peaks

Everything you want to see in San Francisco and the ease of seeing it with friends, family, and work buddies. This might sound like a mere dream, but I’m sure you will change your mind as soon as you climb on top Twin Peaks. This is an amazing innovation, and it embodies everything that the grand old city of San Francisco stands for. You can set your eyes over the whole city from the peak of the twin building, and if you’re farsighted, you might even gaze upon New Jersey while you are at it. Blessed with a cool breeze and bubbly scenery, this is a place a first-time traveler cannot afford to miss on a trip to the city.


The biggest of them all and not talking about Hollywood movies and drawn out Netflix series, the city of Francisco has a spot that’ll make you feel like you are truly in China. This place is so awesome that most of the residents in Chinatown speak fluent Chinese, and they take a particular liking in first-time travelers that can say a few words. Might be time to start brushing up your mandarin if you ask me, maybe you might get a better deal on that ancient artifact you’ve had on your mind the whole time. Chinatown is a hub for first-time travelers, and it is a major hit amongst tour guides. It is a must-see for tourists, and you should certainly check the grand site at some point on your trip.

San Francisco is an awesome place for a first-time traveler as the locals are polite, and the attractions stand out in beauty and class. It is a must-see for wide-eyed international travelers. However, we ask the question, is San Francisco safe? San Francisco is undoubtedly safe as the city has one of the lowest crime rates in the whole of the United States of America. The residents take care of first-time travelers with so much cordiality and class.

To visit San Francisco without any hiccups as a first-time traveler, you will need an updated USA ESTA Visa, your gateway to easy access, and your ticket to enjoying your time without stress and hassles. First-time travelers are expected to visit San Francisco with all necessary documents intact. They can get their USA ESTA Visa easily by checking out the ESTA website and filling a form that would either be approved or denied by the ESTA team. Fill the form with accuracy and truthfulness as ESTA always does there research. Once you’re done getting your USA ESTA Visa, you can now visit San Francisco whenever you like and avoid being embarrassed by the security-conscious authorities.