Correction of link in fundraising story

A group is raising money for the widow of a murdered Mississippi hotelier

Yogesh and Sonam Patel came to the U.S. nearly five years ago and settled in Cleveland, Mississippi, working to operate the small Delta Inn Motel. On Aug. 11, Yogesh was beaten to death, allegedly by a man he had just evicted from the hotel, and members of the Asian American community are raising funds for Sonam.

In an article published Sept. 2 on Asian Hospitality’s website regarding fundraising to help the widow of a murdered Mississippi hotelier, we included a non-functioning link to the campaign’s GoFundMe page. The correct link is here.

The benefit is for Sonam Patel, the 29-year-old widow of Yogesh Patel who was beaten to death Aug. 11 in the hotel the couple owned in Cleveland, Mississippi. Police arrested a man in connection with the murder who Patel had evicted from the hotel earlier in the day of the attack.

The story is heartbreaking, said Alpa Patel founder and CEO of Spaceez in Irvine, California, and one of Sonam’s new benefactors.

“She’s working two jobs. She’s getting maybe one two rooms a day, they’re losing money in the property,” Alpa said.

Alpa also set up a Facebook page dedicated to raising money for Sonam. The pages have raised about $15,000 each as of Sept. 2 for a total of $30,000,