5 Romantic Getaways in Florida


What type of climate comes to mind when you think of an epic romantic getaway?

Most likely, you’re thinking of a sunkissed nook somewhere on a white sandy beach. Now, most people usually stop at California as the perfect getaway, thanks to its dry and sunny weather, making you imagine the most exotic places.

The thing is, CA isn’t alone on the list of US states with the most exotic weather. Florida’s warm and humid tropical climate is just as spectacular as CA’s Mediterranean.

Here’s the best part.

Just as there is no shortage of romantic getaways in California, there is none in Florida.

In this post, we share five of the best romantic getaways in Florida.

1. Miami Beach

We have to start with Miami Beach, a coastal city in southern Florida, hemmed in by the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay.

While the city of Miami is a huge attraction, the smaller island city of Miami Beach is a tourist hotspot and a favorite nook for romantic couples.

If you get starry-eyed over the exotic tropical beaches on the American hit reality show, Survivor, Miami Beach has what it takes to soothe that craving.

The long stretches of pearly sandy beaches and a hot and humid tropical climate can be a perfect romantic retreat for adventure lovers. The best part is that you don’t need to travel across the world for that experience.

2. The Standard Spa

While in town, head over to The Standard Spa, a unique hotel/spa with a wide range of amenities, from Bayside dining to an indoor lounge and bar.

Boasting a serious spa with world-class instructors and wellness practitioners, the hotel makes for a fantastic getaway for lovers looking to unwind

One thing, though, the hotel is weed-friendly. You’ll probably notice they have incorporated cannabis products in various wellness services—definitely a great place for couples who appreciate weed.

It’s worth noting that cannabis is illegal in Florida unless you’re registered with the state’s Medical Marijuana Use Registry and are granted a medical marijuana card. Veriheal reveals the steps to get a marijuana card in Florida.

3. Florida Keys

The romantic in you could use a visit to the beautiful Florida Keys, a cluster of islands running through Monroe and Miami-Dade counties.

If you’ve been looking for a dream vacation, the islands won’t disappoint. From city life to laidback retreats, you’re basically spoiled for choice when it comes to activities for couples.

The Florida Keys have the clearest waters, stunning beaches, walking trails, snorkeling hotspots, fine restaurants, cultural centers, etc. The archipelago has you covered whether you’re looking for adventure or lowkey chilling.

4. Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island on Florida’s Gulf Coast is one of Florida’s most secluded and serene spots. A lover’s island of its kind, Sanibel is famous for its scenery.

As a couple, you may want to take lone sunset walks on the island’s deserted shores, take panoramic photos from the Sanibel Island Lighthouse, or look for seashells.

Besides the beach, the island’s national reserve offers amazing attractive spots and activities suitable for couples. Popular activities are hiking or biking along a four-mile stretch that allows you to enjoy the wildlife.

5. Miami Beach Botanical Garden

We’re back in South Beach for another romantic retreat you can’t miss out on, especially if you’re fond of cute and secluded spots.

Miami Beach Botanical Garden is a tropical garden flourishing on a three-acre piece of land. It’s a breath of fresh air from the rest of the glitzy and crowded South Beach.

For nature lovers and gardeners, in particular, the botanical garden is a small paradise. It houses a wide range of native and exotic plants you get to enjoy on a special tour.

The garden boasts lush surroundings, cute artificial waterfalls, tiny bridges, silent pools, benches nestled in the shades, and much more. It all looks like a scene out of a storybook and couldn’t be any more romantic.


Florida is a beautiful and massive state boasting captivating sites. It has something for everyone, regardless of the type of experience you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, the places we’ve shared are unique and memorable. And the best part is that Florida is home to dozens of wonderful romantic spots besides the ones we just covered.