4 Simple Tips for Organizing Your Music Files


If you are a music lover and you are on your laptop most of the time, then the chances are that your laptop is filled with hundreds of music files. It is fun to listen to some music in the background while you are working or just having some tea, but if your music files are not correctly organized you will always have trouble finding your favorite music and your laptop will look messy as well. However, if your files are organized and saved systematically, then you will be able to find your favorite tracks easily and can enjoy the music to the fullest. Let’s have a look at some useful tips that will help you organize your music files better.

Put Your Online Playlist on Hold

While you are listening to music online, it can be annoying to switch between playlists on a different platform. Instead of switching between Spotify and YouTube, again and again, download them on your PC in MP3 format and save them in one place to create one playlist. If you are wondering how you can convert www.flvto.biz/en64/youtube-to-mp3/, then you can do that by simply browsing over to this link. Once you have all the files in MP3, you will be able to organize them better.

Create Sub Folders

Instead of creating a folder named music and dumping all your music files in it, create subfolders and add music in them accordingly. You can create a separate folder for audio music and video music, and you can also create different folders for different artists. That way, you will be able to find a song when you are looking for it easily. Also, when you have songs organized like that it will be easier for you to create different playlists for different artists. You can also add videos in your playlists from separate folders. You can download videos from YouTube directly as well with the help of mp4 converter.

Get a Good Music Management Software

One of organizing your music is to do it manually and divide them into different folders and playlists. But there is another thing that you can do, which will make it even easier. Investing in good management software is an excellent idea, and it will help you keep track of your music without making things complicated. There are a lot of different types of music management software out there that offers a wide range of functionality. You can consider going for MusicMatch Jukebox or MediaMonkey.

Get A Big Hard drive

Another important thing you need to do is get a hard drive big enough to store all of your music data. MP3 audio files don’t take much space, but if you like downloading HD music videos, you better have a decent storage size. You can also consider buying a portable hard drive as it will not only allow you to expand your storage, but you will be able to carry it easily and can plug and play it in any laptop. It is a good investment overall.