Your CompTIA Network+ Guide: Pass N10-007 Certification Test with Exam Dumps


CompTIA is a world-leading tech association that offers multiple credentials to IT specialists to validate their skills. It has already certified over 2 million candidates who work in different IT fields.  These certifications are notably essential for individuals who are climbing the upward ladder in the IT industry or those who want to start one in this rapidly developing area. For instance, CompTIA Network+ is critical in opening many doors for networking candidates, especially in a very competitive market.

To gain this badge, you have to pass the CompTIA Network Plus, Security+ SY0-501 – A+ 220-1001 & 220-1002 – FC0-U51 Player exam. It evaluates candidates using real-life scenarios and tests their abilities to prevent and manage cyber threats and attacks. Let’s see the main features of this exam, what preparation materials to use to ace it in one take and also what benefits this credential will bring you.

Benefits of Having CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Badge

With the rising number of networking staff, employers strongly believe that candidates with credentials are the best picks. It has been confirmed that professionals who have been certified have higher outputs, making them more valuable to the company. Fortunately, CompTIA badges are trusted by the tech giants like Dell, Verizon, HP, and Intel, to name a few. This gives the Network+ certificate holders an advantage when applying for positions in such companies.

Since CompTIA is recognized around the world candidates who have its Network+ badge find it easier to get the jobs such as:

  • Network field technician
  • Systems Engineer
  • IS consultant
  • Network Analyst
  • Computer Technician
  • Systems Engineer

These positions are quite lucrative. For example, as a Systems Engineer, you can have an annual salary up to $108k if you’re lucky enough to work with some big companies. Also, as an IS Consultant, you make between $52k–$128k a year. Note that the more qualified employee you are the higher salary you can earn.

Network+ Domains Overview

The Network+ badge helps candidates develop a career in IT infrastructure which covers troubleshooting, configuring, and managing networks. By testing their skills in network security, network operations, infrastructure, and networking concepts, candidates learn to survive tough Networking challenges. So, this certification ensures IT professionals have the knowledge and skills to:

  • Create and execute functional networks;
  • Configure, manage, and maintain network devices;
  • Utilize devices like switches and routers to distribute network traffic creating more reliable networks;
  • Identify advantages and exploitable loopholes in network setups;
  • Implement standard networking protocols, standards, and security;
  • Troubleshoot network problems;
  • Create visualized networks

Requirements for Taking N10-007 Exam

The exam-taker should have a basic understanding of computer networking and its application in modern concepts such as network security. Candidates are also recommended to have the CompTIA A+ certification and 9-12 months of IT networking experience.

Who is This Test Designed for?

The purpose of this test is to assure candidates and employers that the candidate can perform all the required functions. It is designed for young professionals going into cybersecurity and management. The Network+ N10-007 test equips you with the knowledge and tools you will need to grow in networking. However, the test also attracts the specialists of other fields who want to become certified and widen their list of competencies or change a job because this credential will boost their chances of becoming employed.

N10-007 Exam Details

  1. Exam description: this test has been developed to recognize and address current networking technologies including:
    • Critical security concepts to help networking professionals work alongside other security practitioners for better maintenance of networks;
    • Crucial cloud computing best practices and service models;
    • Adoption of newer hardware and better virtualization techniques;
    • Concepts that give candidates a combination of skills to keep a network resilient.
  2. A maximum number of questions: 90.
  3. Question types: multiple-choice, drag and drop, and performance-based.
  4. Time allocated to the exam: 90 minutes.
  5. Pass score: 720 (on a 100 – 900 scale).
  6. Validity: it usually expires after three years of its launch. However, CompTIA offers several options of renewing your badge from which you can choose what suits you most.
  7. Price: $329.

How to Prepare for N10-007 Exam?

Candidates who intend on passing this test on the first try should start their study as early as they can. What is also important is to use different types of study materials. You can find some official options on the CompTIA website including instructor-led and video training, study guides, and virtual labs. But to those who want not only to practice skills but also to get a real-exam experience we recommend to try exam dumps.

Exam dumps are sets of questions and answers from recent exams uploaded by those who have already taken the test. What you need is to download really trusted dumps and that is why we suggest you visit the Examsnap platform.

Why CompTIA N10-007 Exam Dumps from Examsnap?

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The CompTIA Network+ certification is popular and valuable since many companies recognize it as a standard for networking professionals. That is why passing N10-007 exam creates an opportunity for you to be placed in technical and high paying job positions worldwide. People with the Network+ credential aren’t usually in the job hunting market for too long, because with this vendor-neutral badge they are classified as top-class employees. Don’t wait for a better moment to become certified by CompTIA as not to lose time and to upgrade your career soon.