The U.S. current travel index, a measure of the direction and pace of travel in the country, stood at 51.5 for the month, indicating a 3 percent growth since the previous August.

TRAVEL TO AND inside the U.S. grew 3 percent in August over the previous year to make it the 116th straight month of overall expansion, according to the U.S Travel Association’s Travel Trends index. However, international growth is hovering on the brink of slowing down, as previously predicted.

International travel growth was flat in August, marking a pause in its fluctuation between positive and negative growth this year. It is expected to remain challenged over the coming months by lingering trade tensions and a continued strong dollar.

As all travel segments experience softer growth, the Leading Travel Index predicts moderate travel growth through February 2020. International travel growth is expected to sink below zero.

The 4 percent growth in the leisure travel segment increased the domestic travel demand by 3.4 percent.

The LTI predicts a 1.8 percent year-over-year growth in domestic travel through February 2020, with similar growth in both the business and leisure travel segments.

“Solid growth in both domestic leisure and business segments has kept the travel expansion on track so far this year, despite a stall in international inbound travel,” said USTA Senior Vice President for Research David Huether. “While the travel engine is not running on all cylinders, the overall pace of travel through the first eight months of this year mirrors the pace of the past five years.