Most hoteliers (55.2 percent) responding to the “Are Hoteliers and Venders on the Same Page?” study from Fuel Travel, StayNTouch and say they are not satisfied with their Portfolio Management Services providers.

HOTELIERS ARE NOT getting a lot of satisfaction from their tech providers, according to a new  study from Fuel Travel, StayNTouch and, “Are Hoteliers and Venders on the Same Page?”. The study aims to measure the shared views of hotel owners and their technology suppliers about how well the hospitality industry’s needs are being met and found that in some cases they are not.

The survey included 358 respondents, all responsible for purchasing or selling technology for or to hotels. It covered a wide range of topics, with one of the first questions, asked only of the hoteliers, being how satisfied they were with specific technology systems: analytics tools, call centers, CRM/Email marketing, CRS, online booking engines, Portfolio Management Services and revenue management.

The least satisfaction was with PMS systems, with 55.2 percent saying they were unsatisfied with their current PMS provider. “The factors which were ‘most important’ for respondents from both groups fell in sync, with ease of use and seamless integration topping the list,” the report says. “In fact, the need for improved integration between existing products garnered a strong consensus from respondents.”

While both hoteliers and their suppliers agreed that a lack of integration between tech products was the industry’s primary concern, they differed in other concerns. Most hoteliers were concerned with the increasing cost of the products, while most suppliers were more concerned with a lack of innovation.

“This could be a factor of suppliers being hard on other suppliers or a factor of hotels only using a small percentage of the products/services they buy,” the report says. “Neither side considers there to be too many suppliers. Good news for all the new startups trying to gain market share!”

Other levels of dissatisfaction measured were:

52 percent are unsatisfied with their analytics tools provider

39.9 percent are unsatisfied with their call center

52.9 percent are unsatisfied with their CRM/Email marketing

46.5 percent are unsatisfied with their CRS

50 percent are unsatisfied with their online booking engine

45.4 percent are unsatisfied with their revenue management