Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota-Wisconsin saw the steepest drop in occupancy and the largest RevPAR decline.

OCCUPANCY FOR U.S. hotels fell 0.9 per cent to 72.4 percent during the week of Oct. 13 to 19, according to STR. RevPAR decreased 0.2 percent to $135.99 while ADR increased 0.2 to $135.99.

Among the top 25 markets, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota-Wisconsin, saw the steepest drop in occupancy, down 10.9 percent to 69.9 percent, leading to the largest RevPAR decline, down 15.4 percent to $87.63.

Boston, Massachusetts, reported the largest decrease in ADR, down 7.3 percent to $232.72, and the second-steepest decline in RevPAR, down 14.1 to $200.49.

Norfolk/Virginia Beach, Virginia, reported the second-largest decline in occupancy, down 7.6 per cent to 66.3 per cent.

Washington, D.C., reported the highest increase in RevPAR and ADR, up 18.5 percent to 168.38 and up 16.6 percent to $206.45 respectively.

Denver posted the highest rise in occupancy, up 7.4 percent to 83.7 percent and the only other double-digit increase in RevPAR, up 14.5 percent to $125.68.

Similar slow in growth was seen in September.