Detroit, Michigan, reported a double-digit drop in occupancy.

OCCUPANCY FOR U.S. hotels fell 0.5 percent to 75.5 percent during the final week of June, according to STR. ADR increased 1.4 percent year-over-year to $133.83 while RevPAR went up 0.9 percent to $100.99.

Among the top 25 markets, 17 saw a decrease in RevPAR.

Detroit, Michigan, reported the only double-digit drop in occupancy, down 13.1 to $74.9 percent. That resulted in the steepest decline in RevPAR, down 18.1 to $80.96. ADR also fell 5.8 percent to $108.03.

Houston, Texas witnessed the largest decrease in ADR, down 6.3 percent to $99.39.

Denver, Colorado, posted the second-largest declines in occupancy, down 6.7 percent to 88 percent and RevPAR, down 10.7 percent to $138.39.

Phoenix, Arizona, experienced the largest rise in occupancy, up 6.6 percent to 67.3 percent.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, reported the largest jump in RevPAR, up 17.8 percent to $130.69, due to the only double-digit increase in ADR, up 12.9 to $154.82. The market also saw the second-highest increase in occupancy, 4.3 percent to 84.4 percent.

During the first week of June, U.S. hotels reported a decrease of 1.3 percent to 72 percent in occupancy.