From's '2018 Women in Tech Research.'

BOOKING.COM’S GLOBAL study on women in technology shows despite low numbers in the industry many women have a positive outlook on their prospects for getting hired and advancing in their careers. That’s mostly because the industry today has a dearth of women participants.

“More than one in three women globally see their underrepresentation in the global technology industry as an opportunity to enter the workforce and help balance the gender diversity scales, whether by bringing new qualifications, alleviating skills shortages and contributing diverse perspectives,” says the report, “2018 Women in Tech Research.”

The study includes feedback from nearly 7,000 respondents from 10 countries, including the U.S. Respondents were high school and college students, women with 10 or more years in the tech industry and those who re-entered the workforce after a break over the past five years.

Gillian Tans, CEO of, said, although women are severely underrepresented in technology industries, “the optimism and ambition that we see from women globally to be successful in a technology or IT field is inspiring, particularly among the younger generation, who see the potential for a career in tech to deliver against the high aspirations they hold for themselves.

“To empower women to truly succeed in tech, we as an industry have an opportunity to do more…”

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