Brothers, first-generation Asian American hoteliers and co-founders of the former JHM Hotels are, from left, Jayanti Rama, Raman Rama, Hasmukh Rama and Manhar Rama. A fifth brother, the late D.P. Rama, also was part of the family business.

A PIONEER ASIAN American hotel company that over the past 40 years has manifested the story of the American Dream has altered its destiny by spinning off into four separate family-owned enterprises.

JHM Hotels of Greenville, South Carolina, today announced it has transitioned into independent companies, “paving the way for the second generation of the successful family business.”

Effective Nov. 1, the JHM Hotels’ name has been retired. Taking its place are new ventures: Auro Hotels of Greenville; Sima Hotels LLC of Orlando, Florida; Sarona Holdings of Orlando; and Siddhi Hotel Group of Greenville.

Auro Hotels is led by Dharmendra “D.J.” Rama, the son of one of JHM’s founders and previously president of JHM. His father, Jayanti “J.P.” Rama, and his uncle and family business patriarch, Hasmukh “H.P.” Rama, will serve in executive leadership roles at Auro Hotels.

Principal of Sima Hotels is Manhar “M.P.” Rama, a brother of H.P. Rama and J.P. Rama, who also helped formed JHM Hotels. Key executive at Sima Hotels is Sima M. Rama.

Hiren “H.R.” Rama is principal of Sarona Holdings. Raman “R.P.” Rama is a key executive. R.P. Rama has been a driving force in the growth of Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals, an association that sponsors HITEC, the largest hotel technology convention in the North America. He was HFTP president for the 2012-13 term.

Siddhi Hotel Group’s principal is Kamal “K.D.” Rama. Key executive is H.P. Rama as trustee of Denu “D.P.” Rama Family Trust.

D.J. Rama, left, with his uncle H.P. Rama, co-founder of JHM Hotels, earlier this year. D.J. was president of JHM Hotels. He now heads Auro Hotels, where H.P. Rama serves in executive leadership.

H.P. Rama, founder of JHM Hotels and co-founder of AAHOA, said the division of the family business is geared to continue the Rama family’s business legacy. “The retirement of the JHM Hotels brand allows the numerous family shareholders involved to pursue their own visions and maintain their core values of integrity, reliability, balance and corporate citizenship.

“As the number of JHM owners has increased, so has the diversity of interests on both the property level and within the management company. As a result, there are four new companies to allocate ownership of the existing portfolio, pursue future hospitality ventures and, in some cases, manage the hotels. Each member of this second generation maintains the same desire and potential to grow exponentially moving forward, taking off from the base the family has created for them.”

The JHM Hotels founders worked hard to achieve nearly half a century of remarkable growth. “Since my uncle, H.P. Rama, purchased the modest Sunset Motel in 1973, and was subsequently joined by my father, J.P., and uncles M.P., the late D.P., and R.P. Rama, JHM Hotels has grown into one of the largest, privately owned, hospitality companies in the country, currently comprised of nearly 40 hotels with approximately 7,200 rooms across seven states and India,” said D.J. Rama.  “During that time, the company has built or acquired nearly 100 hotels affiliated with some of the top national brands. From our adopted home of Greenville, our forefathers have built an impressive portfolio and an even more impressive reputation. The future is bright for each of the new entities, and we expect a seamless transition for our hotels and our associates.”