According to a survey by Strategic Solution Partners and SearchWide Global, 87 percent of the hoteliers surveyed are either satisfied or very satisfied with the contractor workforce economy.

FREELANCERS AND CONTRACTORS could represent more than half of the country’s workforce by 2019, according to a recent study. It’s a trend from which hoteliers are benefiting from the so-called “gig economy”, the study shows.

Strategic Solution Partners, a hospitality solutions provider, and executive search firm SearchWide Global surveyed 350 contractors and hoteliers between December 2018 and February 2019. According to the survey results, 76 percent of hotels recruit contractors positions, with 69 percent recruiting for mid-level positions or above requiring more than five years experience. Also, 74 percent of hoteliers want to bring in a contractor fast and 56 percent can find them in less than two weeks.

More than 32 percent of contractors said they find work through taskforce companies, while nearly 72 percent hoteliers seek help from a taskforce company to identify and hire contractors.

Nearly 88 percent of responding contractors have more than 10 years experience in the hospitality industry and 44 percent have worked in more than 10 hotels. More than 64 percent responding hoteliers agree that contractors offer senior expertise.

“With national employment rates at record highs and an increasing number of new hospitality positions coming to market, hoteliers are challenged to find the right talent. Up until now, no data was available on the impact of the contractor workforce in senior management level in our industry,” said Bill Scanlon, SSP’s president and CEO.

Nearly 30 percent of contractors state work-life balance as the main driver for contract work and 88 percent of the hoteliers are either satisfied or very satisfied with the contractor workforce economy.

“As the war on talent heats up, and the workforce continues to evolve, the way we attract, hire and retain top talent must as well,” said Mike Gamble, SearchWide president and CEO.

The ongoing labor crisis in the hospitality industry has been the topic of discussions at major conventions over the past year.