Darshan Patel is principal of newly formed DPA Law Group in San Diego. Patel, formerly the founder of Patel | Stilwell law firm, said there was demand for an attorney familiar with the hotel industry.

ATTORNEY DARSHAN PATEL has opened a new firm focusing on the hospitality industry. The new firm, DPA Law Group, is formed two years after Patel dissolved his previous firm, Patel | Stilwell, that defended numerous hoteliers against Americans with Disabilities Act lawsuits.

Patel said at the time that he was dissolving Patel | Stilwell to focus more of his attention on other investments in South America and the Pacific Rim. He continued to represent some clients under a new firm, Law Offices of Darshan Patel, APC, but soon found more demand for his services, leading to the creation this year of DPA Law Group in San Diego.

“The hospitality clients had a huge need for an attorney who understands both the hospitality side of things as well as the law,” Patel said. “With the two attorneys that I took from Patel Stilwell we created my new firm, and in 2020 we have now converted the offices of Darshan Patel to become DPA Law Group. DPA Law Group now has six attorneys, plus myself, that service just about every side of the law as it pertains to hoteliers in real estate, contract review, construction defect, insurance, employment, ADA discrimination and franchise negotiation.”

Along with Patel as principal, Alan Smith is DPA Law Group’s senior legal associate. His site also features posts on forgiveness for Paycheck Protection Program loans and California’s new Fair Employment and Housing Act regulations for pre-employment practices.

Patel formed Patel | Stilwell with Andrew Stilwell in October 2016 with the goal of defending hoteliers against ADA lawsuits. During the course of its existence the firm represented 423 clients.

Fighting “drive-by” lawsuits, in which attorneys target hotels and other businesses for minor violations of the law, has been a priority for hoteliers and lodging associations for some time. The ADA Education and Reform Act of 2017 passed the House in February 2018 but stalled in the Senate.