All of the participants in a recent user survey by are members of at least one loyalty program.

SENIOR EXECUTIVES APPRECIATE loyalty, at least when they’re traveling, according to a user survey by All of the executives in the survey are members of at least one loyalty program, 60 percent have a loyalty credit card and 54 percent redeem award points for business travel.

The SmartBrief survey of high-level business professionals also found that 95 percent of the participants travel for business, and 76 percent do so at least once a month. Also, 62 percent stay at least three days at their destinations, and 79 percent add leisure to their business travels. Most of them, 80 percent, book their own travel.

In other results, 75 percent of the customers surveyed have household incomes of $100,000 or above. While 62 percent travel domestically, 32 percent travel internationally as well as in the U.S.