Domestic enplanements were down 0.8 percent from the all-time, seasonally-adjusted high of 66 million reached in July 2018.

AN ESTIMATED 74.9 million passengers used U.S. airlines for domestic and international trips in March, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Domestic flights saw few passengers than previous highs while international passenger numbers rose.

The BTS’s first airline traffic data estimate showed a 0.1 percent increase compared to February’s second estimate, but system-wide enplanements were down 0.5 percent from the all-time high of 75.4 million reached in July 2018. All figures have been seasonally-adjusted.

Domestic enplanements also dropped 0.8 percent from the all-time reported high of 66 million reached in July 2018. However, international enplanements reached new all-time highs based on the estimate compared to the reported data through January.

In January, system-wide enplanements and domestic enplanements reported 1.7 percent and 2 percent decreases respectively from the all-time high. International enplanements were also down by 0.1 percent.

According to the seasonally- unadjusted estimates, systemwide, domestic, and international enplanements all reached all-time highs for the month of January.

Also in January, travel to and within the U.S. increased 3.2 percent over the previous year, according to U.S. Travel Association’s Travel Trends Index.