U.S. and Indian bleisure travelers (meaning they extend business trips to include leisure activities) share a common popular destination: New York City.

THE “BLEISURE” TRAVEL trend, in which travelers extend their business trips to include some leisure time, is worldwide now and growing, according to a study by Expedia Group Media Solutions. “Unpacking Bleisure Traveler Trends” tracks the trend across five countries: the U.S., Britain, China, Germany and India.

In the U.S. and India, the rate of business trips that convert into bleisure trips is around the multi-national average of 60 percent, and U.S. bleisure travel has increased 40 percent since 2016. On average, the U.S. travelers had taken 6.4 business trips in the last 12 months. Indian travelers were a little higher at 7.4 trips.

The study shows influences and motivations of bleisure travelers that destination businesses, including hotels, can use to entice bleisure travelers, said Expedia Group Media Solutions Senior Director Andrew van der Feltz.  “By showcasing unique experiences and activities, which are influential factors during the decision-making process, every destination, hotel, restaurant, attraction, airline, and more, can entice business travelers to extend their trip for leisure.”

88 percent of U.S. travelers went to domestic locations for their bleisure trips, the highest percent of the five countries. Also, most of them, 79 percent, made their leisure trip in the same city as their business trip, the highest percentage to do that of the five countries.

For Indian travelers, 38 percent of their bleisure trips were to international destinations and 62 percent were domestic. Also, only 54 percent of Indian bleisure trips included the leisure activities in the same city as the business.

Top destinations for American bleisure travel include Nashville, Tennessee; New York, New York; Washington, D.C.; and Atlanta, Georgia. New York is a major bleisure destination for Indian travelers, too, along with London, Singapore and Mumbai.

Travelers from each country spent almost as many days of their bleisure trips on the leisure side as on the business side. The U.S. travelers, for example, average 3.7 business days and 2.6 on leisure, while the Indian travelers do five days for business and four for leisure on average. For travelers in all five countries, 32 percent of the spending was on hotel rooms.

Other trends across all five countries in the study include:

75 percent of bleisure travelers save money specifically for bleisure travel.

56 percent of bleisure travelers said they are more likely to consider a bleisure trip in a destination with good food and restaurants.

72 percent of bleisure travelers said there are destinations they have visited or will visit in the future for business that they would like to extend for bleisure.